What is paranormal activity?

    The Greek prefix "para" means several things including "beyond", "besides", "amiss" and "irregular". In this case para is denoting something beyond normal, but paranormal activity is more than just an unexplained environmental experience that temporarily scares you, engages your curiosity, or convinces you to dig deeper into exciting life after death quests.  
    Spiritual activity is a dangerous force that can affect you physically, mentally and emotionally for your entire life. You are dealing with a dark spiritual entity that has a malevolent intelligence and an agenda for why it's interested in you. It will show itself as an unknown human spirit, deceased loved one, an animal and anything else it wants to portray itself. Don't be deceived, complacent or dubious of its true demonic nature. 
   Over time demonic attacks will escalate in frequency, physical contacts, and terrorizing visible manifestations. The longer you coexist with an entity, the harder it is to remove it. At the first signs of spirit involvement in your life, act quickly in finding a professional to help you eradicate it. 
    To identify an entity it takes someone who can glean all the facts surrounding a demonic presence through the gift of spirit discernment and the the accompanying power of a Divine Intervention on your behalf to expel the demon. It takes Light to destroy Dark.

What is not likely to work

    The average entity removal methods used below often fail because:

    PARANORMAL "ghost hunters" believe in and look for ghosts. They are not usually trained to deal with demonic activity and cannot discern that what they are dealing with is not a ghost but a malevolent being in disguise. Many ghost chasers are half serious, inexperienced with entity dangers, or simply document activity but are ineffective in solving the problem. 
    Few paranormal teams will even deal with demonic cases. Christian paranormal teams may be familiar with spiritual warfare but may also believe in ghosts. Unfortunately teams that attempt to remove a demon must be able to spiritually discern all unknown information about the presence in order to successfully fight it. This rarely happens.

    PSYCHICS/Mediums are also problematical. They can be deceived into believing that they are dealing with ghosts because their abilities are manipulated by demonic interference. Just as victims of spiritual attack see "human ghosts" where there are none, so do honest and well meaning gifted experts attempting to identify the spirit. Because psychics do get some true information (unknown historical facts, clairvoyant visions, etc) that awe clients, they may also receive false info from demonic trickery. Some "guides" psychics use are not what they seem to be as well.
    Often the information that non-discerning psychics acquire about the true nature of a malevolent spirit is never properly perceived. Worse yet, demonic lies complicate the validity of a psychic's conclusions which are then passed on to clients. The result may be giving clients erroneous stories about inter-dimensional portals, unsubstantiated horrible events happening on the property, haunting by multitudes of "lost souls", fragmented human psyches from deceased people, bizarre Astral monsters or even aliens. 
    Last but not least, psychics may recommend other solutions for getting a spirit out that will aggravate demonic situations. All kinds of New Age techniques may be suggested such as bringing in voodoo masters, witches and warlocks, wizards, chaos magicians, etc. Clients are still left with the problem and are more discouraged and fearful than ever before.

    DEMONOLOGISTS are more experienced with inhuman spiritual manifestations and strategies but like paranormal teams, they come with varying degrees of professionalism. There are no academic degrees in demonology. Certified demonologists exist but acquiring such titles is a buy-a-certification education with textbooks and lectures. No real case experience is provided.
    A certificate may make someone familiar with biblical and historical knowledge about demons but does not provide practical field work in spiritual warfare. Mentoring from another established and reputable demonologist through apprenticeship is a minimal essential before engaging in battle with inhuman entities.

    CHURCH CLERGY are usually woefully deficient in helping people expel demonic entities. They are under trained and under staffed. The most a priest, reverend, pastor, etc. may do for you is a blessing of the home or property. A house "exorcism" may be offered by a Catholic priest but this is usually meaningless to a strong aggressive demon. It is not so much an exorcism as a temporary salve for an inability to completely remove the problem.
    Catholic priests will sometimes negotiate with a demonic for neutral ground or spiritually "lock it" in a place inside a dwelling. This means people must still endure light demonic activity or abandon their properties with the hopes that they are not taking anything with them when they move. True Roman Catholic Rituals of exorcism are only performed on possessed people. There are few priests who perform these ceremonies and guidelines are stringent for even considering such an event.

Why We are Different

    SEER Group is a Christian-based, non-denominational organization that incorporates the expertise of a small staff of dedicated people who clear homes and properties of demonic Infestation, Oppression, and Obsession states. We do this using scientific technologies and Spirit Discernment Practitioners. (see Specialties.)
    We also provide client support with psychological counseling, ministry vocations as needed and facilitate deliverance from negative spiritual activity. To remove a dark entity there must also be a corresponding more powerful spiritual force that will expel it through Divine Intervention. Our field experience includes thirteen years of successful property clearings.
    When you contact us, we will talk with you about the process, what you're dealing with and how to remain calm and better protected in the interim between your first call to us and the date of the deliverance. You will also have access to us by phone, text and email so you can discuss anything at anytime. We respond quickly and believe in total client confidentiality.
       We do not need the presence of clients to remove an entity. Our staff alone will deal with the spirit. Because of the danger to clients while we do our assessments and eventually the deliverance, we require the home to be occupied only by SEER staff during a few hours. We will meet and talk to you upon arrival and call you when it's time to return. We finish as soon as possible so you can come back to a cleared environment. This is structured to be a quick and quiet event with minimal discomfort to everyone.
    Our services are free within a certain travel range. We will travel anywhere. Longer distances require that we must break-even on our basic gas and hotel expenses through an assisting donation. We will not make any profit whatsoever. 
    Let us help you.