What are Seers?

    The spiritual gift of discernment is also known as "distinguishing between spirits." The Greek word for this discernment gift is Diakrisis.  It means to be able to distinguish, judge or appraise a person, statement, situation or environment. In the bible, it is the ability to discern between good and evil (Holy & profane or clean & unclean) for the welfare of individuals and the safety of the Church.
    God distributes supernatural discernment abilities to people through a personal anointing manifesting as holy intuitive gifts.
    Those who have the gift of spirit discernment are called Seers.

The discerning of spirits is a Supernatural ability not a paranormal one. 

What is Spiritual Discernment?

   The Holy Spirit gives the gift of discernment to seers for them to recognize and tell the difference between the influence of God, Satan, the world, and the flesh in any given situation. In a church setting spiritual discernment is a gift meant to warn believers of danger and helping to keep them from falling for false teachings, straying into temptations and protecting them from direct demonic attacks meant to individually destroy them. 
    In all things a Seer must use the Scriptures and the Word of God as the critical factor for the testing of spirits.
    Spirit discernment is not only used to know if demonic entities are with someone, but what role a person may have played in attracting, initiating or presenting opportunities for infestation.
    There is also information given by Holy Spirit about the demon's origins, past activities and the true relationship between a demon and its victim that are needed to spiritually defeat it. All hidden truths concerning demonic bondage are revealed.
    God also reveals to a Seer the presence or absence of angelic protections. This may be demonstrated when angelic hedges are given to buffer people from demonic attack before a clearing and during deliverance. Angels also assist in removing an entity during a deliverance event. Archangel Michael is often pivotal for protecting seers, victims and peripheral persons involved in the clearing. 
    We as humans cannot spiritually remove the demon from the location. We stand against the demon as an agent for God and Jesus because clients are unable to. Our job is to support all victims and offer proper emotional and mental counseling, to pray, rebuke, revoke or confront the demon with scripture and command its departure. Jesus and God control the removal. 
    This is a strategic and well coordinated miracle of Divine Intervention offered to anyone who is in need of freedom from demonic attack. Our purpose is not to preach but teach.
    Paranormal activity is a red flag indicating an earthly manifestation of a                demonic entity in you presence.

Spiritual Warfare

    The gift of spiritual discernment is also crucial to identifying threats associated with spiritual warfare (God vs Satan.) Satan promotes temptations to humans in order to destroy people while Jesus brings people to God through salvation. 
    Spiritual warfare is about people resisting, overcoming and defeating a demonic enemy who seeks to deceive, tempt and accuse them into negative or self destructive acts and behaviors. Failure to avoid or control chronic sin in the face of a demon's influence is called bondage. 
    A person with the gift of discernment can perceive whether or not a person is currently held in demonic bondage or being slowly ensnared by earthly compromises, temptations, emotional chaos, physical challenges, etc.  
    Your mind, body and spiritual deficiencies are easily manipulated by demons through deceit, lack of knowledge about evil, and separation from God/Jesus. Make no mistake about it, everyone is scouted by demons for mental, physical and spiritual weakness.
    If a person is in bondage (spiritually victimized or puppeted) that would call for a Deliverance where the demon is confronted, its legal right to keep a stronghold upon someone is torn down, and it's expelled without any resistance. 
    Living with a demon is the most insidious and self-destructive way to experience spiritual warfare. It is a slow terrifying process based on the depredation of your willpower and your spirit. 
    Do not be lethargic, complacent, or apathetic about removing a demonic entity. Seek help immediately for a Divine Intervention so you and your loved ones can be free and well protected in the future.